• REAL-TIME Data on acceleration, explosiveness and balance
    DRIVE POSITION recruits all muscle groups
    from sprinting to sled training
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  • Explosive Exercises Requiring much space
    Now, rolled into one machine
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  • Innovative Interval Training The perfect anchor for cross-conditioning
    circuits and athletic programs
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  • Know Your data Establish specific strength and conditioning programs
    based on athlete's cardio capacity, explosiveness and reaction time
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  • In getting these guys ready for a fight, there is nothing better than HiTrainer. The proof is in the pudding. The HiTrainer three-minute program is the closest a fighter will get to the demands of a round of fighting.

    - Otis Grant

    Pro Boxer, WBO World Middleweight Champion & Trainer

  • The HiTrainer is a great tool for acceleration training because of the torso angle the athlete must maintain while sprinting. It allows the athlete to feel forward body lean, which is a key when teaching speed and acceleration.

    - Mike Gough, BSc. CSCS,

    President Athletic Edge Sports, Bradenton, Florida

  • There isn't anything else on the market like it.

    - Isaiah Stanback,

    Owner at Steadfast F&P / trainer and former NFL player.