• Strength to go the distance The perfect anchor for cross-conditioning circuits and athletic-training programs
  • Patented Technology

    • Exclusive HiTrainer Drive Position recruits all muscle groups
    • Engages the posterior chain, the prime movers of forward propulsion
    • Preferred position to achieve MAXIMAL intensity

    Real Time Data

    • The only trainer that provides detailed information on accelaration, left and right power outputs, and precisely timed sprint
    • Data can be used for performance training, therapy, rehabilitation, and MOTIVATION
    • Easily detect imbalances and help prevent injuries

    Scientifically proven protocols

    • HIIT and Sprint training pre-programmed protocols
    • Different protocols guarantee muscle confusion and ability to avoid training plateaus



«In getting these guys ready for a fight, there is nothing better than HiTrainer. The proof is in the pudding. The HiTrainer three-minute program is the closest a fighter will get to the demands of a round of fighting. »

- Otis Grant

Pro Boxer, WBC World Middleweight Champion & Trainer

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