• REAL-TIME Data on acceleration, explosiveness and balance
    DRIVE POSITION recruits all muscle groups
    from sprinting to sled training
    View HiTrainer ATP
  • Explosive Exercises Requiring much space
    Now, rolled into one machine
    View HiTrainer Science
  • Innovative Interval Training The perfect anchor for cross-conditioning
    circuits and athletic programs
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  • Know Your data Establish specific strength and conditioning programs
    based on athlete's cardio capacity, explosiveness and reaction time
    The different components of Speed
  • In getting these guys ready for a fight, there is nothing better than HiTrainer. The proof is in the pudding. The HiTrainer three-minute program is the closest a fighter will get to the demands of a round of fighting.

    - Otis Grant

    Pro Boxer, WBO World Middleweight Champion & Trainer

  • The HiTrainer is a great tool for acceleration training because of the torso angle the athlete must maintain while sprinting. It allows the athlete to feel forward body lean, which is a key when teaching speed and acceleration.

    - Mike Gough, BSc. CSCS,

    President Athletic Edge Sports, Bradenton, Florida

  • There isn't anything else on the market like it.

    - Isaiah Stanback,

    Owner at Steadfast F&P / trainer and former NFL player.

  • Sometimes it's just reaching down to the very depths of yourself to pull out whatever it is that's left inside and giving even what may seem on somedays very little. The effort is made. You begin to dominate yourself entirely to never give in even when you think your tank is empty. The HiTrainer humbled me.

    - Ashley Horner,

    American Sled Dogs, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Weekly assessments on the HiTrainer with your clients will keep them motivated and build a solid trust between them and your trainers. This is the key for client retention and future referrals.

    - Bruno Gladu,

    Zone Sportive, Montreal, QC

  • When space is limited, having equipment that you can be use for warm up, cardio and strength training is the best way to optimize your square feet.

    - Lamere Cornelius,

    Brainstorm Fitness, San Diego, CA

  • All of this information is extremely useful to us as strength and conditioning professionals for several reasons. The first being that it gives a very easy and accurate way for us to monitor an athlete's progress over time. It also will tell us an athlete's threshold and gives us an idea of what is happening inside the body.

    - Spencer Corrao,

    Bommarito Sports Performance, Miami, FL

  • The game is about speed. Period. Using the data from our equipment we saw immediate deficiencies and made corrections. Results were incredible. When you train one of the state's best RBs you need to challenge him.

    - Frank Quido,

    Breakout Athlete, Milford, CT

  • A self-propelled trainer with capabilities of recording valuable data such as peak and average speed, power and force production (left vs right) which allows us to analyze and alter our plan of care for optimal outcomes in function and return to sport.

    - Dr. Luis Fernandez,

    Force Physical Therapy, Miami, FL