HiTrainer PRO performance data allows coaches and trainers to individualize and track their athletes to improve sprint performance, address hidden weaknesses and gain that extra 1% competitive advantage. Customizable PRO evaluations, online interface and logging feature allow trainers to monitor progress and demonstrate development.

  • Automated training and group evaluation
  • Data accessible via the Internet
  • Automated chest pad positioning
  • Adjust running resistance via tactile screen


Most training facilities require up to a half an hour to complete their conditioning programs. HiTrainer PRO training achieves the results of a traditional 20-minute workout in only three to five minutes. When athletes get their conditioning that quickly, they can dedicate more time to sport-specific training.


«Fatigue is a performance killer in any sport. In the heat of the game, rapid recovery between bursts of high energy is essential to keep an athlete performing at their best. »

- Brian Robinson,

VP of Research & Development


The high-intensity HiTrainer PRO system features an innovative onboard touch screen tablet to provide real-time, precise data on physical condition. Specific measurements of speed and power outputs against various sprint and high-intensity interval workouts detail explosiveness, acceleration, fatigue and balance.

Immediate feedback on explosiveness, acceleration, power, peak speed, fatigue and balance.

Who is using it?

Professional and collegiate teams, coaches, trainers and players – including football, soccer, basketball and hockey.


  • Evaluate athlete performance and physical condition
  • Instant, detailed feedback to make immediate adjustments
  • Monitor athlete progress and detect over-training
  • Develop training schedules based on results
  • Build athletic database for tangible comparisons
  • Efficient training reduces conditioning workload
  • Minimize risks of injury and errors in training modifications
  • Measure individual leg strength to identify imbalances
  • Track athlete rehabilitation progress post injury
  • «It's the world best kept secret! It has gotten me to a point where I don't fatigue in the 4th quarter.»

    - Anthony Calvillo,

    All-Time Passing Yard Record Holder

  • «Your product has been absolutely amazing not only with our athletes but with the exercise science department here at CMU.»

    - Aaron McLatcher, CSCS,

    Assitant Director of Strength & Conditioning, Central Michigan University

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