The source of HiTrainer conditioning power:

1) Positioning the user in a full-time drive phase position in order to engage the maximum amount of core muscle mass.

2) Combine the positioning with maximum effort sprint interval training on a self-propelled running surface.

This combination creates a huge demand across the energy system, from the cardio respiratory system to the mitochondria in the muscles.

After Burn Effect

The after burn effect, also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, occurs when the body continues to burn calories after exercise to replenish oxygen stores in the muscles while recovering cardio-respiratory system to the mitochondria in the muscles.


Furthermore, the onboard screen provides real-time performance feedback, compared with previous effort, motivating users to always give 100% best effort.

Rapid Recovery

Rapid recovery after maximum power output is one of the most important factors in sports performance and should be regarded as a cornerstone of performance ranking along with strength, speed and agility.

The Strength to Go the Distance

Every elite athlete understands what matters most is how you finish. HiTrainer PRO high-intensity interval training and real-time performance feedback empowers training to full potential. Coaches identify imbalances, increase reaction times, speed and recovery.

Efficient Fitness Training and Rehab

For fitness and rehabilitation facilities specialized in sports performance, HiTrainer ATP and ATP+ systems provide baseline fitness evaluations, high-intensity interval training protocols and a super-efficient 15-minute cardiovascular workout.


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  • «Safest and most efficient way to condition athletes»

    - Jason Novak,

    Head Strength Coach University Central
    Michigan & Former Strength Coach NFL Tennessee Titans

  • «There was a significant difference in the players who trained through the winter on the HiTrainer and those who did not. This was evident through spring ball practices and scrimmages by the amount of volume these athletes could endure compared to their non HiTrainer trained teammates.»

    - Mark Verbeek, BPHE, CSCS,

    McMaster Univeristy Strength & Conditioning Coach 2007 - 2010
    McMaster University CIS National Champions 2011