Strength to Go the Distance

Our Mission: Empower everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, to realize their full potential. HiTrainer conditioning optimizes reaction time, speed and recovery to achieve the measurable, competitive advantage to finish strong.

Fatigue is a performance killer in any sport. In the heat of the game, rapid recovery between bursts of high energy is essential to keep an athlete performing at their best.

- Brian Robinson,

HiTrainer Inventor, VP of Research & Development

Original Concept

Brian Robinson is quick to acknowledge his practical roots, growing up on a farm, and the necessity to create more efficient ways to make things work. The HiTrainer concept emerged as he considered a training system to improve the reaction time of boxers. Brian was training a high school football player who, in order to improve his sprint speeds, needed help understanding the angles of the drive phase. A broken treadmill in the gym inspired a revelation.

When I was playing football my hero was Walter Payton, one of the greatest athletes who has ever played, Brian shared. As a teenager, to increase my speed, I'd tie a rope around my waist to pull a toboggan up the hill. Walter Payton's whole training was wind sprints up the hill. I got on that broken treadmill, put my chest to the pads and started running. Immediately, I had the sensation in my legs of when I used to do wind sprints. I had just invented Walter Payton's hill.

And the HiTrainer design was born.